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Phone: 647-799-2361

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Do not wait for an indoor pool to be formed in your kitchen or bathroom!   North York Plumbers, and we will do whatever it takes to solve your plumbing problems.

One of the benefits of living in North York is that we usually have more cold weather days. Nevertheless, this has a negative impact on your home’s plumbing system.  Other plumbing emergencies may happen and these can ruin your daily routine at home or in your office.

This is the first reason why North York Plumbers delivers emergency plumbing services in Toronto, North York, and neighboring locations. Such services include repair for clogged toilets and other pipe system issues. We can also replace or repair your frozen pipes to ensure a continuous flow of water to your respective homes.

We are not just an ordinary plumbing company since we have a team of certified and well-experienced professionals to handle your pipes, whether in large buildings or small homes. This is the reason why we are the most preferred among other plumbing companies in the city.

If you are struggling with cumbersome plumbing issues in your home, you need to get the right team of experts to correct such issues and go about your daily tasks hassle-free. North York Plumbers provides superb repair services and we are committed to making sure that you receive quick but competitive results.

Contact us at 647-799-2361 and we will be there at any time of the day to handle any plumbing concern you might have!

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